Our Experience

Business Mediation Vancouver brings over 35 years of dynamic business and shareholder conflict resolution experience to facilitate enduring results. We offer proactive and creative resolutions in a safe, calm, constructive and respectful environment for private, closely held and family businesses. Our advice may extend to the operational structure and personnel aspects of your business to the extent these are factors in your dispute.

Why Us?

Our structured approach is effective, fair, private and time-proven. We are legally trained and experienced, certified mediators, and all of our mediation services are offered pursuant to the Code of Ethics of the ADR Institute of Canada.


Mediation is cost efficient, flexible, respectful and confidential.

We are neutral third parties who are legally trained, experienced and ethical. We use an ‘understanding-based’ facilitation technique that encourages the development of increased understanding between parties and collaborative problem-solving. Our proven approach is principled, transparent and fair. 

Our objective is to use a totally voluntary process to help you find creative, 'win/win', solutions that address both the interests and the differences in the dispute.

We often recommend business mentoring boards or the implementation of 'Traction' as a means to address structural business dysfunction.



We offer mediation and facilitation services for business disputes including:


  • Partnership disputes

  • Shareholder disputes

We also facilitate mentoring boards for business owners and senior executives and the implementation of 'Traction', the comprehensive 'Entrepreneurial Operating System' designed to synchronize all of the pieces of your business to produce the results that you want.

  • Family company disputes 



Meet our Principal Mediator

Chuck Wills, LL.B., Q.Med, is the Principal and Founder of Business Mediation Vancouver. He has over 16 years experience practicing corporate and commercial law in Vancouver and, after retiring his partnership, a further 20 years experience in private business as a President and Director. Chuck has been actively involved with business mentoring boards and 'Traction' for over ten years. 

Chuck has substantial expertise in business and shareholder dispute resolution and was one of Vancouver’s early legal adopters of the ‘principle-based’ negotiating approach. He brings superior interpersonal and communication skills and an ability to actively listen, be assertive, establish credibility and facilitate relationships with all levels of stakeholders. He is an ADR Institute of Canada Qualified Mediator and is an active proponent of the ‘understanding-based’ facilitation technique. 

With a sympathetic, calm and constructive demeanor, Chuck is personally available 24/7 to assist you with the business and relationship aspects of your disputes. 


Contact us for a free assessment of your business or shareholder dispute. Fees will vary based on the complexity and number of parties involved. Feel free to email us using the form below or give us a call at 1-604-341-3885.

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